Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mumma B and Baby B....

Mumma boat shed can't quite fit in the picture and Baby boat shed is all tiny, locked up and pretty.
(This scene is at Dromana beach.)
For some weird reason, I have always been amused by these two together.
Mumma's paint is wearing thin while Baby's gear is all sprite and glowing.
Mumma's got the middle age spread while Baby's all toned and spunky!

The b family
Baby b in Mum's shadow
But looks quite dashing

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Vane M. said...

Gosto da foto! :) Um abraço!

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...


Sleepshort said...

Very creative! You've made a couple of sheds into a very fascinating affair. Great stuff. Thanks.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Indeed, trim and tidy....maybe because the smaller is more affordable to fix up? Intriguing contrast♫ My CC:

Anonymous said...

Great shot for Cool Clicks!

Nicki said...

I can so relate to Mumma - especially with middle age spread. Fun observations.

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