Port Phillip Bay

the entrance to Port Phillip Bay from Bass Strait on the left...
These are views from Point Nepean - 22.1.12

Views of the last narrow stretch of Point Nepean.
On the right is Bass Strait and on the left are the waters of Port Phillip Bay. - 22.1.12

History of Port Phillip Bay 
Port Phillip Bay was once high and dry - ABC Science - Thurday April 14, 2011
10,000 year bay theory doesn't hold water - The Age - May 11, 2011
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Shipwrecks of Port Phillip Bay
History of Port Phillip Sea Pilots
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ABC News Video

Port Phillip recognised in exhibition

Updated January 02, 2012 23:53:00
An exhibition at Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula Gallery is paying tribute to Port Phillip Bay and the history it has seen.
Greg Hoy

Dredging Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Baykeeper

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