DROMANA incl Heronswood Fire 14.1.14

Overview of Dromana's history + overview of caravan parks

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This is the families garage at Dromana - this was just south of the Dromana Post Office - I think my Father (Frank Whitaker) is standing out front.judging by the sign offering car hire, it was before the inception of Portsea Passenger Service. I remember Dad commenting that he used to drive into Flinders St. Station and have a chat with Reg Ansett before they went opposite directions (Hamilton for Reg). Ill check with my Brother Lloyd - he will have better dates. The Family residence was down the alley on the right. It could be my Grandfather William John, or my Uncle Lance. You can see on the top of the photo, WJ. i think it is probably Frank with his first Wife Gwen (sitting down). There is quite a story of how the family started out on the Peninsula. The Cars, Bus company and Cinemas then Drive-In.

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I think the tea rooms became Wingback Books became Hamper Yourself and now awaiting being part of the evolving Pearl Beach resort.

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15.7.14 - Timothy Desmond - Shaw's Caltex Garage on the corner of Point Nepean Road and Pier Street Dromana, Tel: DROMANA 3, and in the background Littleton Bros General Store (now Cellarbrations) Tel: DROMANA 1...TD

Places to See - Sydney Morning Herald - January 1, 2009

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HERONSWOOD FIRE 14th January 2014
*** Photos by Yanni on the Mornington Peninsula Newsgroup - Facebook.

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