In the beginning...
The Aboriginal Protectorate on the Mornington Peninsula 1839-40
- records created by Assistant Protector William Thomas
NAIDOC week - 6-13 July 2014 (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee)

1. About the Mornington Peninsula

2. Fascinating Historical Facts - Mornington Peninsula

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Peninsula Motors Bus - Chrysler Dodge

Old buses parked at Frankston railway station
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A view of main street Rosebud with a bus in the foreground.
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3. Family connections on the Mornington Peninsula

4. Mornington Park History

5. Sorrento history

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Foreshore baths, Sorrento

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Steam tram

Anthony Opitz - From the pier a ramp provided access to the Sorrento Steam Tram Service ran from 1890-1921 carrying passengers from the pier along Ocean Amphitheatre Road to the Back Beach...
( Anthony Opitz 6.7.14 - The final day of operations was 20 March 1921, the normal end of the 1920-21 tourist season, and the last tram was driven by Harry and George Watts with Clive Watts as the conductor. Only one shareholder retained his shares throughout the entire existence of the company: Frederick Coppin, the son of George Coppin.)

Graeme Edwards - My mother's auntie was married to Harry Watts who was the train driver.

Jenny Skelton - Jane Skelton was the 4th child of Edward & Harriet Skelton, she married John Francis Watts, therefore making them my gr. gr. a aunt and uncle. Henry (Harry) Watts was was John and Jane's1st child married Elizabeth Emma Pike, they also had 9 children. Ida, Clement, Edward, George, Gilbert, Clive, Lenore,, Eunice and Ruth. Lenore Watts married Rupert Stanly Tindal. and somewhere there is a Graeme David Bruce.

Graeme Edwards -Yes Jen my mother's maiden name was Pike & I was married to Leslie Tindal

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Welcoming returning soldiers home at the Sorrento Football Ground

       St Joseph's of Sorrento - first school bus - posted by Robin Archer - HDP - 20.1.14

6. Devilbend Reservoir, Tuerong

7. Blairgowie History + Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron

8. Brief History of Sorrento-Portsea-Point Nepean area

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History of Dromana to Portsea - Facebook Group

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