Wednesday, May 15, 2013

R is for Rye...

R is for Rye... 
(continuing my series on the Mornington Peninsula)

Rye is another coastal town on Port Phillip Bay.
Of course there are the necessary shops,

and the necessary boat sheds.

But I am going to focus on other features.
At first, the northern view from the beach (in the first photo) looks much like my Dromana world.

But look south, and you see this chunky headland - sloping to the sea like Anthony's Nose ridge near my Dromana beach.
(But no roadway round the water's edge here!)

And at the base of the headland, tucked into the cliff, is this replica lime kiln, remembering early days on the peninsula when lime burning for building construction in Melbourne was a prime industry here.

This is the walkway round the cliff.

This is a portion of the cliff face.

And then there are the wonders of Rye Back Beach on the opposite side of the peninsula on Westernport Bay.

Like a secret coastal world of tiny streams and mountains and valleys.

peninsula worlds
a world in a beach of sands
a world of wonder

Like a beach wonderland!

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Roger Owen Green said...

lovely locale

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jama said...

Gorgeous sights around there.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Gemma, I was so excited when I actually remembered Anthony's Nose from previous posts! (Special reason: I have short- to long-term memory problems.) These photos of Rye make me long for the beach. The boathouse with that big honkin' fish on the side is endearing, too.
Peace, Amy

Leslie: said...

Well, I really enjoyed that virtual trip to Rye! It's beautiful.

abcw team

Luna Miranda said...

wow, the rock formations are incredible! i love that there's a walkway around the cliff--must be a great vantage point.

Nanka said...

There are so many interesting spots around your place that one is always wanting to know more!!
You have the most interesting way of describing it and you live in an immaculately clean and pristine wonderland!!

Steffi said...

Wonderful place to stay!I would love to be there!

Anonymous said...

These photos are stunning!

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