Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Q is for Questions...

Q is for questions...
(Continuing my series on the Mornington Peninsula)

The Mornington Peninsula is a delightful world for summer holidaymakers.
So many attractions by the sea and so many hinterland points of interests.
But in the wintry months, the residents are still there and enjoying the secret beauties of the peninsula - not to mention the lack of bustling crowds.

However, there are many questions about how the peninsula should be effectively managed.
Residents are carefully watching developers plan resorts here.
The questions are:
1. Can the peninsula support a range of resorts?
2. Do the peninsula holidaymakers want resorts? (Many love camping by the sea!)
3. Do the residents agree with the burgeoning idea of resorts?

Already we have plenty of places like the one in the above photo in Dromana.
There's a newish hot springs resort at Rye on the southern end of the peninsula and there are plans to turn parts of historical Point Nepean (mentioned in last week's post) into a resort area.

And above is what is happening right now in Dromana main street.
The Nepean advertises apartments built above new shops - according to the above sign.
But the Stockdale and Leggo real estate website view is quite different.
No shops!
So far, the builders have just moved the post office that was here and turned over the dirt.
But that is not the ultimate.

Just a couple of doors down from the previous photo is what may be Pearl Beach Resort!
The photo was taken 26.2.12.
The sign advertises the 3rd real estate to handle the selling.
Notably, the old restaurant on the site is still there and the old home next door + 2 small shops have simply been vacated.

sometimes the questions
just generate more questions
with curly answers

And the above photo was taken 16.12.10
Are the developers and agents themselves asking questions?

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Roger Owen Green said...

these are important questions in development
ROG, ABC Wednesday team'

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Well I learned something new about Mornington Peninsula!

Nanka said...

Nice to read you here and keep abreast of what is happening at Mornington Peninsula!!

Nanka said...

A reminder alert too that Haiku Heights is now twice a week (Tue and Fri) since the 7th May in case you missed the announcement!!

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Gemma, thanks for your viewpoint on overdevelopment. In the States, a popular hobby of the rich is "urban sprawl," whereby the suburbs spread well into the natural habitat of deer and rabbits... and skunks.

Then the new owners of what we call the "McMansions" (generic, sterile, bloated houses with no charm) do nothing but complain about how the deer ate their tulips and the skunks get into their garbage cans!!

It's all about money, never about respect for the earth... shame... thanks, Amy

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