Saturday, August 25, 2012

Old Beauty

I so love old cars.
 And the top of Arthurs Seat mountain is a great place to wander on a Sunday to see vintage car clubs gather.

Old design on wheels
A grand piece of artistry
Treasured car shining

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HansHB said...

Awesome photo, what a great car!
I wish you a nice evening!

Genie said...

Gemma...I love this car shot. My first car was a little Plymouth coupe with a windshield like this, just 2 doors, and as small as this. Boy, does it bring back the memories. I loved that car. After I graduated from the Dominican girl's boarding school, my daddy got it for me to drive to junior college. It was a treasure of FREEDOM! It is perfection in black and white as that was the time of all black and white. Yes, it is so sad our beautiful rural school at the foot of the blue Ridge is being closed this year. We fought so hard, but lost. The county decided to spend millions of dollars to tear down parts of the other middle school and then rebuild a fancy new one. They cannot afford to pay teachers to lower the class sizes but they can pull a stunt like this. Though my certification is good for 3 more years, I guess I will finally retire at 74. I just do not want to move again. I am too old. Had a great summer, but I missed all of you and your pictures. Glad to be back. genie

Rambling Woods said...

Oh I love them much history..Michelle

moe lauher said...

This a beautiful photograph of a beautiful automobile - I don't know if that gentleman is the owner, but he looks like he might be. Thanks for stopping at my page.

lina@home sweet home said...

It looks perfect in B&W!

Irene said...

Great shot ... a beauty indeed! Wish we could see more of them!

Have a great weekend ... Irene

Monica said...

This is a beauty, that's for sure!

Taken For Granted said...

That is a beautiful elderly collector car in great shape. It is obviously well loved, and I suspect leads a pampered life with snug garage out of the weather. Great shot.

JM said...

I also love old cars. This one is beautiful an so well preserved.

Dragonstar said...

Nice composition. That's a much loved old car!

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