Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dive in Red

Both the Mornington and opposite Bellarine peninsulas offer diving centres.
Port Phillip Bay ( the peninsulas encircle the bay) is a popular diving spot.
Queenscliffe is on the Bellarine peninsula, but this ute was parked at Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula.
Probably it crossed the bay on the Queenscliffe ferry.
Queenscliffe Dive Centre offers both training and accommodation.

Wonders of the deep
Diving into silent worlds
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Ralph said...

This Ute (Holden ?) is quite colorful, a rolling advertisement that diving equipment is quite available here. I like the blue color that predominates, looking like the sea. Nice art - is that a sea creature? Whatever it is the vehicle is a vehicle that attracts the potential buyer. Nicely captured!

J.Rye said...

So pretty! Landed here from Ruby Tuesday.

I hope you can also visit my Ruby entry, thank you.

moe lauher said...

Thanks for sharing

Liz said...

Great shot!

My entries:
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Linda said...

I really enjoy your photos of your area! This is a great use of the vehicle for advertisement - well done!

Halcyon said...

Diving in Australia sounds like a dream to me! :)

Jewaicious said...

I am loving the colors in this, so vivid looking.

Maria @ LSS said...

It's pretty. Happy RT2.

Mine's here.

Dianne said...

it must be wonderful to explore the seas

Deb said...

Great idea to drum up some trade. Car adverts are surprisingly difficult to photo I have found in the past, well done!

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