Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rye Ranger's Office

Like a mini cottage is this ranger's office right by the beach at Rye on Port Phillip Bay.
It gets heavy use in the Christmas summer holiday season when the whole foreshore from Dromana to Rye is like a sea of campers in caravans and tents.
Fortunately, many trees and colourful boatsheds break up what could be a December-January eyesore.

Cute little office
Summer bookings for campers
Key to the outdoors

What I can't work out on this main sign is that odd "bricky" feature on the left.
An odd textured tent?
It even looks like the replica lime kiln further down on Rye foreshore.
Limestone was quarried in the area during the 1800's.

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Lindy MacDuff said...

That little "bricky" thing does look like a kiln. It also looks like a shelter made from the limestone and perhaps looking through an open doorway. Just guessing. =)

Inger-M said...

I dream of camping my way all around Australia. This sounds like a nice place to stop for a few days :-)

Carletta said...

I think being a ranger might be a nice beachside job.
I think it looks like a kiln too. The sign itself with those particular markings for some reason to me give it a 'safari' feel. :)

Anonymous said...

the signage is very attractive.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... maybe a dog house?

Genie said...

Like the little ranger is so quaint and appealing. I am sure it gets lots of people checking in during the camping season. genie

EG Wow said...

I love the idea of camping during the Christmas holidays. Lucky you to live in the Southern Hemisphere...even if it is a temporary eyesore.

Lesley said...

maybe that 'bricky thing' is a nod to the old kiln.
I, too, would love the novelty of camping over the Christmas holidays!

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