Monday, October 3, 2011

Cow Mail

This creative mailbox is at the front of a property at Bittern.
In Australia, we are allowed all styles of mailboxes, even home-made ones.
Some are very strange.
This one is particularly strange because the mailbox seems to symbolise a cow but the property does not seem to have cows at all! Just a lovely large garden.
Maybe the mailbox is part of the property's history.

Mailbox for smiling
Like milk cans create a cow
Proudly creative

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Vernz said...

wow, this is an interesting piece.. nice one :) was here for RM.

mine is posted here

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Ha!ha! that's a beauty Gemma, certainly different and maybe meant to give that 'country home' effect! Bet the mailman loves delivering here. Great find.

imriz said...

wow, creativity at its best. i'd like to have one of my own:)

Anonymous said...

How creative!

Steffe said...

You have to like this. Moo!

momgen said...

Creative indeed...Happy RHM!

Mine is here

Admin said...

Cool mailbox design!

Hopping from

wifetoalineman02 said...

what a cool mail box, very impressed, visiting back from Red Hot Monday

Krissycat said...

Such an interesting mailbox!

Thanks for joining Red Hot Mondays!

Icar said...

a very nice idea for a mailbox and recycling idea as well!thanks for sharing...

visiting for RHM!

all the best,

p.s.followed you in GFC...

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