Thursday, May 17, 2012

Village Green

This may appear to be a rather plain sign.
But not many areas in Australia display the British term "Village Green".
This is a community area.
In the summer, there are circuses and rides.
On Australia Day, on 26th January each year,
this area comes alive with a community breakfast - free - + family entertainment.
It is also the end of the popular Australia Day early morning bike ride from Safety Beach to Rosebud.
And every Sunday, the Rosebud Lions Club hosts a market.
All this is right by the scenic shores of Port Phillip Bay.

Seashore gathering
Taking time just to have fun
A village green charm

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RedPat said...

We never use that term green here in Canada either but it is useful for describing those kind of areas such as I have seen in Britain.

Lesley said...

We don't use that term in Canada, either.
I also think Rosebud sounds an odd name for place, but I guess you get used to it and it doesn't sound so strange to your ears anymore!

Kim, USA said...

Great sign and a nice place for everybody! ^_^


Halcyon said...

The sign does appear a bit plain, but it sounds like there's lots of fun and excitement behind it. :)

Stewart M said...

Hi there - all it needs (assuming it does not have one already) is a midsummer cricket match in the long end of a summer day. Then it really will be an import from England!

Nice picture.

Stewart M - Australia

Nancy said...

Sounds like a wonderful space for community to gather. :)

Luna Miranda said...

i wish our village has a "village green". the free breakfast and entertainment sound like fun.:p

Genie said...

I think having a village green in your town would be wonderful/ I like that is become a festive on Australia Day. Very Nice. genie

Sallie ( said...

I think a village green is delightful.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I agree Gemma. Most suburbs here in Perth have a green space, a park..but how much more appealing it would be if they were called for instance 'Kingsley Green' I like it!!

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