Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hastings Jetty Fish Shed

The Hastings Jetty Fish Shed has been an icon in the Hastings area on Westernport Bay since the 1860's.
At first, residents feared it would simply be closed.
But now the sign says that it has been re-located in a more commercial precinct.
So sad!
The fish here were just brilliant! Awesome to enjoy right by the sea!

Here is a view of the back of the shed with pelican Pantry on the right and a little of the pier visible on the left.

As for the jetty, it was announced in November 2011 that it will be rebuilt largely in its current form with the addition of a floating pontoon. See HERE for details!
Len Bryant is one of the last living links to the fishing past of Hastings.
For details see HERE!

Delight of fresh fish
Feeling close to the sea worlds
Link is now broken

Here is a view of the shed from the area behind the Pelican Pantry cafe.

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Julie said...

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Anonymous said...

have you been to the new location?

VioletSky-Sightlines said...

You can't get much closer to the sea then this! It must mean they are doing well and needed a bigger place. Which is good. Sad, but good.

Kim, USA said...

That is what I am looking the fresh fish!


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Water World Wedneday

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Lovely hotos, Gemma, especially the last one, which is my fave.
Pity the fish aren;t sold right next to the sea anymore...

Lindy said...

Always sad when a well-established business decides to relocate. Was the building always that close to the water's edge?


Daryl said...

are those shrubs or trees growing in the water .. is the tide exceptionally high or are they like that all the time .. nosy blogger need to know!!

Dianne said...

the new location sounds like it will be busier which I guess is good for business but this locale is so so pretty

Oakland Daily Photo said...

At least they're still in business. I'm surprised that tiny shed could support a thriving business.

Liz said...

Great shots Gemma!
When I visited my parents in December, my Mum & I went to the Pelican Pantry cafe for a coffee and then walked around to the marina (great reflections with the boats) and I managed to capture some great shots of Pelicans & Pacific Gulls being fed by fishermen.

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