Thursday, February 2, 2012

First British Shot

(Click on the photo once and then use the magnifier on the left to enlarge further)
This sign is at Point Nepean on the far southern end of the Mornington Peninsula.
Point Nepean was a quarantine area mainly in the 19th century (but continued operation till 1980) and defence area - 1878 to just after World War II..
(It was known as Fort Nepean from World War I.)
According to the sign, the first British shot of World War I was fired here over a German steamer Pfalz soon after news of war reached Australia at about noon on 5th August 1914. It was an attempt to stop the steamer leaving the bay.
The steamer stopped, turned round and the crew were interned.
Later, this same ship became the Australian troopship Boorara.

War's complexities
A fearful fascination
For the grave horrors

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RedPat said...

Something that I would have never known!

NixBlog said...

Great contribution to the meme, Gemma!

Lesley said...

That is interesting. Who would have thought the first shot would be in Australia?!

Photo Cache said...

wow fascinating. i never knew that as well.

EG Wow said...

Wars are indeed complicated!

Genie said...

Being that my daddy was in WWI, I am always wanting to learn more about it. This is such an interesting fact. Thanks for sharing. genie

Pat said...

Very interesting!

Julie said...

That is the same Fort Nepean where I found my little Echidna of yesterday, Gemma. I read that sign. I think there is another one, that says the fired very early in WW2 as well. One of them was accidental, firing by over-keenness. That is a lovely and engrossing place to walk.

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