Thursday, November 10, 2011

Community Sign

This may be only a temporary sign, but community events on the Mornington Peninsula get bold advertising.
Home owners are willing to wear such a sign for awhile, like this one!
Most community events are well-sponsored by community businesses.

Working together
Offering pleasure together
Communal spirit

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Lesley said...

This is interesting. I doubt such a sign would last on anyone's fence for long here.

Carletta said...

This event with face painting and maybe pony rides is right up there on my granddaughters way to spend the day.
More communal spirit everywhere would be best for all.
Nice find Gemma!

genie said...

That is one way to get the word out to lots of folk going up and down the road. I like it, and it will come down after the event. Nice colors. Nice find.genie

Lindy said...

That is a colorful, readable sign that is bound to capture one's attention and interest!

Thanks for your visit and comment on my sign. Happy weekend!

Pat said...

Holy cow that's a big sign! But it's for a good cause, and like you said, it's temporary!

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