Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tall Grasses

Reflections in the small wetlands at Hillview Community Reserve in Dromana

tall wetland grasses
quietly dreaming as one
reflecting stillness

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Nonnie said...

I love how sometimes the reflection shows more of the landscape than the actual scene does! I like the tall grasses even when they've entered the dry brown stage.

Gerald (SK14) said...

the reflections double their size

Dianne said...

It says tranquility .... aren't wetlands lovely places to take a walk

Julie said...

Hello Gemma

At last the CDP portal is acknowledging the anniversary of its member bloggers. We are starting with those bloggers whose anniversary falls in June 2013. Although I am late, may I congratulate you on the two years so far, and wish you good luck for the coming twelve months.

The list of bloggers whose anniversary falls between 1st June and 16th June can be found here

warm regards

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