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M is for Mornington...

M is for Mornington...
(Continuing my series on the Mornington Peninsula)

Mornington is a colourful little township on Port Phillip Bay.
The main shopping street, laden with old and new buildings, is a popular shopping area for residents and holiday visitors.
Signs, like the one above, are scattered through the main street advertising art, music and drama productions.
Sometimes they simply display the joy of the season.

Every Wednesday, a street market fills the main street footpaths.

And the main street leads directly to a park on a cliff overlooking the waters of the bay.

Just behind the main street is a sign marking the place where the old Mornington railway station used to be.
The first train arrived here in 1889 and the last one arrived in 1981, when the area was closed to build a large shopping mall (directly in front of this sign).
Appropriately, there is a nearby cafe called Filling Station - just visible in the background.

Mornington has a very tragic piece of history.
Rev. James Caldwell, a loved Mornington minister, has two public histories.
One history involves being one of the longest serving ministers on the peninsula - about 28years from 1874.
The other involves an unbelievable tragedy.
In 1892 there was a football disaster.
At 6pm Saturday May 21st, 15 members of the Mornington Football Club (3 fishermen and the rest were members of the football team) were returning from Mordialloc to Mornington in a boat after a draw in a football match.
The boat sank and all lives were lost.
Three of the lives lost were the sons of Rev James Caldwell: James 21, William 19 and Hugh 17.
More details of this story are on my Greyscale Territory blog  HERE!
The above monument is at the end of the main street on the cliff overlooking the bay.

Mornington's sea world
Colour, art and tragedy
Grain her character

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post for 'M' ~ looks like a lovely place and beautiful photography ~ ^_^

Leslie: said...

Looks like a MARVELOUS place but such tragedy for the MINISTER'S family! Love the view of the water!

abcw team

Meryl said...

What beautiful photos.

Roger Owen Green said...

The place has a great deal of charm, amidst some sad MEMORIES.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team


What a marvelous place - so Many aspects of it worth exploring. Very sad about the Mornington Football Club - this is a nice way to remember.

Mar said...

Magnificent! love street markets

m is for ...

Nanka said...

A neat place and very picturesque!!.. ..and how could I have expected anything else from you here today, for the 'M' week, but Mornington!!

Kate said...

A wonderful medley of photos to give us a sense of the place, which looks like one I'd like to visit. Kate, ABC Team

Joy said...

Looks a nice place, the strap line "where the shops meet the sea" must be unique, they sometimes use "where the mountains meet the sea" for where I live, could do with some good shops:-)
So much tragedy in the monument.

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