Thursday, December 1, 2011

Theme Day: Action Shot

When the first day of summery weather appeared on Saturday 5th November this year, people celebrated by heading to the Port Phillip Bay waters.
This is a photo of lots of water action happening at Dromana beach.

Summer water sports
The action of loving heat
Endless beach party

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Kim said...

As we move into winter in northern climes, it is good to be reminded that we will get our turn once again (albeit after the snow and cold that is yet to come).

J Bar said...

Great theme day shot.

Julie said...

I guess the water action around your way will be on for young and old over the next few weeks, Gemma. I like to see people enjoying themselves in the water, but from a distance!

Mark said...

Great theme post, also for first day of summer. Have a great month Gemma.

Jilly said...

Action on the water is fun and can be a bit lazy too... said...

A boatload of children evokes action.......and summer fun.......... for sure!

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