Monday, September 26, 2011

Safety Beach Country Club Golf Course

One of several water features - 26 lakes - at the Safety Beach Country Club golf course.
This one is near the Atrium's beautiful dining world and is where golfers tee off.
The whole housing estate in the area is new and advertises as being a golfer's estate.
Many homes are open to the golf course and provide a range of golfing facilities.

A golfer's dream world
Like wandering countryside
Like exotic sport


Dianne said...

What a fabulous area for a golf lover to live - and imagine dining at "The Atriun". I'm sure it would not come cheap!!

Mark said...

We also have a Safety Beach up this way. Next to Woolgoolga. Nice shot.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Beautiful shot Gemma! Flying golf balls would be a worry haha! I have a friend who lives next to a golf course and she's always retrieving golf balls from her garden.

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