Thursday, July 4, 2013

Seafoods by the Sea

So many shop signs on the Mornington Peninsula incorporate some symbol of the many boat sheds colouring the Port Phillip Bay beaches.

sea foods
tasting of sea worlds

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Photo Cache said...

i'd go for a little fish and chips.

RedPat said...

I love those little beach huts!

Gerald (SK14) said...

I had to google souvlaki to find out it's what we generally refer to as kebabs - prefer a bit of battered fish myself

Marleen said...

I'd love the souvlaki. Neat sign!

Lesley said...

The sign is adorable with those little huts.

Vane M. said...

Lindas cores e leveza do escrito. Um abraço!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I spent this past week travelling around the Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland and sampling all kinds of seafood. Yum! Our new favorite might be Cod Au Gratin.

We also enjoyed the unique desserts made of native berries. Do you have any special desserts in the Port Phillip Bay area?

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