Monday, May 27, 2013

Tree Surfing Guide

One of the tree surfing guides at the Enchanted Maze Garden, Arthurs Seat.
They all wear distinctive yellow T shirts + orange helmets.

For more views of tree surfing, see my last week's Tuesday post!

new kind of surfing
riding the ropes through the trees
just for thrillseekers

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Mai said...

First time I've heard of tree surfing. I checked on your Tuesday post, looks like so much fun! Though I'm afraid of heights, as long as there's a rope tied around me, that's something I'd like to try.

Liz said...

It's also my first time to hear about tree surfing. It sounds like fun and I'd like to try it. Have a fabulous week!

Cinderella's Castle

Gillena Cox said...

interesting ; a happy Monday to you

much love...

lina@home tips said...

Looks fun, but it's not for me!

Andrea said...

Huh, i want to see a wide angle shot, because of the height from the ground. And i wonder why it's called surfing, when it is better used on the sea.

lencilicious said...

First time I heard of tree surfing too. But that is one thing I want to try.

Anonymous said...

Great shot! I must say, there is no way I could ever do that. I like my feet firmly on the ground!

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