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P is for Point Nepean

P is for Point Nepean 
(Continuing my series on the Mornington Peninsula)

Point Nepean is at the furthest, southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula.
It is the last stretch of land before Bass Strait.
The view above represents Port Phillip Bay on the left and Bass Strait on the right, the narrowest and final  part of the Point Nepean area.
The narrow road continues a little further right to the cliff top on which I am standing as I take the photo.
Slowly this last strip of land is crumbling and becoming narrower.
Possibly, within this century, it will not exist - at least, not for public entry.

The area is rich with history.
It had a role to play in early settlement, quarantine and even defence of Victoria.
The photo above is of the transporter which carried those who chose not to walk between points of interest.
It was a fun way to travel - though a bit bumpy.
But since 2012, this has been abandoned for a minibus.

Point Nepean Quarantine Station - established in 1852 - was a significant point of entry for many new immigrants to Australia.
Predictably, many tragic stories unfolded here at the hospital.

Even the cemetery itself has a tragic story.

Not only were passengers + luggage "fumigated" here, but so was mail.

Fort Nepean is a wonder of defence buildings.
Guns were in place here by 1886 and became known as Victoria's 'Gibralter' - protecting the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.
The value of these defences was demonstrated on the declaration of the First World War when the German steamer, Pfalz, attempted to depart Port Phillip Bay but was forced to turn back after being fired upon by the batteries at Fort Nepean. It was the first shot fired by Australian forces in the conflict.
- Extract from Australian Government website.

It is also a wondrous maze of dimly lit tunnels.

And on one side of Point Nepean - at Cheviot Beach - is a memorial to Harold Holt, Australia's Prime Minister who was never found after taking a swim.

These photos represent just a glimpse of scenic beauty and many relics of history to be found at Point Nepean.

laden with stories
a fascinating region
laden with secrets

And when the history becomes overwhelming, there are always the wonderful views.
This view is looking out to Bass Strait, with the tip of the Bellarine Peninsula just visible top right.
The rugged strip of water between the two peninsulas is known as The Rip.

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Carver said...

Very beautiful place and interesting too. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Nonnie said...

thank you for the historic memories of your beautiful Point Nepean!

Roger Owen Green said...

Some fine photos, though I thought you might use the QUARANTINE shots for the tough Q week.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


What an amazing place, you could spend a lot of time there soaking things up.

Jama said...

wow, such a beautiful place with nice view.

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