Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Morning Paddleboarders

Paddleboarding offshore from Dromana beach

While the waves are soft
In the silks of Autumn sun
Paddleboarding joy

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Linda said...

Very pretty water for the paddleboarding! That is definitely NOT on my bucket list, but I do enjoy watching it!

Luna Miranda said...

this is like walking on water. beautiful, serene photo.

Kim, USA said...

Looks like they are going to have fun. ^_^


Daryl Edelstein said...

I know I'd never master that, you need to be a centered, balanced, non klutz .. so I dont qualify ... at all

NatureFootstep said...

lol, I could never do that. But I would not mind trying. :)


That is catching on here on the coast too. Looks like fun. And I DID see some more of the masks by your students in the post below...wondrous workmanship.

JM said...

Paddleboarding seems to be so fashionable nowadays. You see more and more of these here.

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