Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stardust Circus

Stardust Circus has arrived on the Rosebud Village Green ready for the Christmas summer holiday season before moving on to Hastings on Westernport Bay later in January 2012.
The circus family, with its 22 motor vehicles, travels major cities as well as outback towns.

One monkey didn't mind posing for a photo!

The horses ignored me!

The lions enjoy playing with their keepers each day!
They play ball and love hiding in a huge truck tyre.

Obviously some enjoy sunbathing in the balmy sea air at Rosebud.

The lions eat about 150kg of food a day.

Flights of fantasy
Incredible feats of skill
A family dream

Thank you so much Adam for taking time to show us around your world yesterday morning!

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love the lions Gemma, my favorite!!

NixBlog said...

Great captures, Gemma.

J Bar said...

The circus is in town.

Anonymous said...

oh joy, the circus is in town.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Used to love circuses. These animals look well-cared for.

Lesley said...

You got some good shots. Haven't been to a circus in many years.

Andy said...

In Canada the circus is something that very rare.

Aksharaa said...

Thanks for the tour,Gemma. Love the lions ...the one sunbathing looks as content as my older Labrador boy, Buddy.this is his fav all time lying position too:)

What a coincidence! Our Shadow was a street pup who came along and insisted he be adopted! He practically adopted us, walked right through our open gate and never left since he was just too adorable to be sent back to the streets.He still is the life of our family,at 1and a half years!

Genie said...

What wonderful photos...loved seeing the animals. Those 2 monkeys look a bit irritated...sort of grumpy looking...but then, they always look like that to me. Like the Stardust Circus sign on the truck. Clever. genie

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