Thursday, December 20, 2012

St Marks' Christmas

St Marks in Dromana details Christmas services.
The Sunday 23rd December seems to be a different kind of event!

Celebrate Christmas
A special kind of moment
Remembering why

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Marleen said...

Different, but still quality fun. Nice capture.

Photo Cache said...

Yap keep tabs on the service times. Christmas is next week already. Happy Christmas.

RedPat said...

a birthday party for Jesus - great fun!

Norma Ruttan said...

You got a two-fer in this sign! I'm looking forward to the early Christmas Eve Mass with my daughter-in-law because the Lord's birthday will be celebrated with a choir of angelic voices.

toby said...

Oh, that's so funny! I hope it doesn't get *too* messy :)

Andy said...

Someone is putting the fun back in Jesus. That the way it should be.

Lesley said...

I think Jesus would approve!

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