Monday, July 2, 2012


Jeepney on display at the Pine Ridge Car Museum, Arthurs Seat.
The jeepney is a remnant of the American presence in the Philippines during World War II.

Philippines feature
Re-cycled transportation
Crammed but fun journey

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lorik said...

Great photo of an amazing sight! What a car!

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....a very fun, active yellow this week!!! And I'm late stopping by from yesterday...I like the 'message board' shadow from the post below.

My Macro today is: Air Dried

Dianne said...

very decorative

Unknown said...

I know it! This is the Philippine jeepney, I so love the color and yes they are highly decorated inside and outside. I once told by a friend there are some Jeepneys that are air-conditioned that is way too cool then. ^_^

Mary, MI

Leah H. said...

The main source of public transportation in Philippines...So cool!

Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by..

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Very quaint.

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