Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sorrento Athenaeum

In the main street of Sorrento - across the road from the last photo - is the Athenaeum.
Construction of the Sorrento Athenaeum Hall commenced in 1894, and comprised of a limestone building housing a large hall, a stage with a cellar, dressing rooms, two shops and a separate residence above. Sorrento Shopkeeper Mr. D. Macfarlane owned the cinema during this period.
Approximately in 1918 a Bio cabin was erected between the main lobby, the shop and the hall. Films were projected through the central back door of the hallway. In 1919 electricity was introduced and saw the removal of all gas lamps.
Over the years, the complex has been re-developed and still operates every day except Christmas Day.
For more details see Peninsula Cinemas

Athenaeum scene
New movies lounged in old worlds
Mystical journey

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