Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hog's Breath

These boats rested at Blairgowrie Yacht Club on the southern end of the peninsula.
I am always intrigued by some of the quirky names of boats.
Perhaps this particular boat really connected with another yacht club in Queensland, Australia's north eastern state.
Hog's Breath is the name of a cafe chain throughout Australia that has invented the word hogspitality
So the boat name becomes an advertisement for a cafe chain!
One way to create a sign!!

Large spunky lady
Waiting for grand new journeys
Named with attitude

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RedPat said...

If that is a winter shot I am jealous! Love that name.

Kim, USA said...

Very interesting sign for a boat name. ^_^


Anonymous said...

i do find many quirky names of boats when i go visit a marina.

Lesley said...

That is one of the better quirky names!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

HOw funny! I just said something about boat names on your other blog, the one I usually visit. Ditto here! (I didn't realize you even had this blog -- you are one busy lady!!!! (and a talented one as well!)

Andy said...

There's a marina near my home and the boat owners always seem to name their boats with strange and interesting names.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes boats have the most interesting names.

Genie said...

This is not the first unusual name I have seen on a boat though this one is pretty clever. A neat way to advertise. Great capture. Genie

Paul said...

I was wrong, I first thought maybe owner was a Clint Eastwood fan because Eastwood once famously owned an Inn of that name. I always thought it was a good name. Paul at Leeds daily photo

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