Thursday, April 11, 2013

What a Diver!

I know this sign is more than a bit difficult to read, but, in actual fact, I was trying to photograph this older woman in a diving suit + extra layers for warmth on this rather brisk day.
She must have been about 70 or more, boldly stepping along Portsea pier, dodging the crowds of people who were enjoying a little Autumn sunlight on Easter Monday!
(My camera desperately dodged the crowds too, trying to get a photo of her!)
And that weight she was carrying must have been rather cumbersome!
Wow! What a woman!
And the sign on her tank stirred a couple of Googles.
The large words appear to be "Enriched Air Nitrox", followed by "International Association".

Apparently, reduced nitrogen and increased oxygen for divers enhances dive time and reduces the risk of decompression.

Diving for pleasure
With no tight age restrictions
My joy is watching

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RedPat said...

It does look as if she has a huge weight on her shoulders. Could probably use some extra O on land!

Vane M. said...

O importante é manter o ânimo ao longo de toda a vida. Um abraço!

islandwonder said...

Woo hoo to her!!!!! She has some get up and go.

Genie Robinson said...

My joy would be there sitting and watching, too. Love the story about this shot. I am 74 and do not think I would be doing it. genie

Dianne said...

She's taking Carpe-Diem to a new level. Age is no barrier to this adventurous lady.

Andy said...

My kind of woman. She's able to break the age barrier.

Tanya Breese said...

good for her!

Marleen said...

A woman to be admired.

Lesley said...

More power to her!

Anonymous said...

What a role model!


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