Thursday, May 31, 2012

George Pentland Botanic Gardens

The George Portland Botanic Gardens is opposite the back of Frankston Hospital in Frankston.
(Originally created in the late 1930's as a 9 hole golf course, it was converted to a botanic gardens in the 1970's.
George Pentland was a Shire Secretary and Town Clerk of the City of Frankston.)
A great place to wander between appointments.

A wide world of plants
Scenic pond and figurines
World of enchantment

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Lindy said...

Golf course or botanic gardens, it is lovely and serene looking.

My sign entry is here: Signs

Jim said...

Great scene.

genie said...

What a beautiful pond. It is so inviting. Like the way the tree juts out into the center. It is such a treat to visit botanical gardens. They are wonderful. genie

Carola said...

Nice captures! I thought about posting a sign and landscape (or plant) from a Botanical Garden.

Dianne said...

lovely place
the sign suits it

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