Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy World?

At first, this image taken in Rosebud doesn't seem so crazy.
But when the details are put together, then it does seem so.
It is Spring - hence all the Spring flowers - but there's no sun.
It is raining - light rain has been falling all morning (and will be all this week again), but this guy strolls along without an umbrella.
It is slightly cool with a touch of mugginess - so the man wears a red hooded jacket in case of more chills?
It's Saturday morning - and the highway near him has hardly any traffic. Usually vehicles on a weekend are bumper to bumper at this time of year - weekend getaways, campers preparing for the Christmas holiday season and, of course, the locals.

Disjointed Springtime
Strange muddle of clothing styles
Nature has problems

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Ralph said...

The seasonal changes are never static it seems - we expect after winter, warm, sunny and dry days. So, our senses get overloaded when the rain and chill reappears in a warm season (a bit tougher for us going into the snows :). Nevertheless, the ruby is unmistakable, if not his contrary behaviour...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

In Oregon, our original home, it rains a lot in the Spring. And winter or spring, many people just never bother to carry an umbrella. for short walks or running errands between car and store or the office it just isn't worth the trouble. We almost never did.

Karen said...

Lovely spring flowers! The weather is crazy, here in my part of Canada we are still waiting for snow...we usually have heaps by now!

chubskulit said...

Very clever realization!

Here's my Ruby entry, have a nice day!

Hope you can join my free scrap booking software giveaway. The drawing will be tomorrow. It's a great tool to make artistic photo editing for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers! The weather is strange here too - very mild!

mary said...

Looks like he is enjoying his early spring stroll. Great shot.


Genie said...

It sounds like your weather is as crazy as ours. Now they are talking about snow tonight after creek flooding last night and this morning. I do like the fellow’s red jacket. They are my favorites. Don’t guess he need the umbrella. I would be using one, but then I am old! genie

cassandrasminicorner said...

cool! like the white flowers though..

Visiting for Ruby Tuesday~ hope you can visit me too:)

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