Monday, August 1, 2011

Postcard Views

A view of Arthurs Seat mountain from Safety Beach on Port Phillip Bay
City Daily Photo August Theme Day - Postcard-worthy

The sky meets the sea
White clouds explore blue mountains
Peninsula world

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Julie said...

Now THAT would be a wonderful walk for this first day of August. Is today 'Wattle Day'? Something tells me it is. There is plenty of golden blossom along the streets of Sydney at the moment. I wonder if the same holds along the shores of Port Phillip Bay? Thank you for this postcard. It has stretched my imagination.

Dianne said...

Your postcard would entice me to take a visit to Port Phillip Bay and walk that ever so long sandy beach!

Mark said...

Great view. So that's Arthur's Seat where you were walking recently.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous view...oh for a good book, some iced tea and a warm afternoon to wile away...

Tanya said...

a beautiful view!

Rae Walter said...

Wonderful postcard view and words.

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